Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The overlooked race angle in the raging debate about President Obama's baseball prowess

One point that is being completely overlooked in the controversy about President Obama's alleged girly throwing mechanics or his alleged lack of knowledge of anything baseball, is the fact that the sport isn't really inclusive to the black community.


  1. But, since Obama is HALF-white, I guess that is really his excuse for being such a terrible athlete with flabby, old MOOBS, right?

  2. You're right Trenton. The last decent negro baseball pitcher was Bob Gibson...or maybe Satchel Paige. Or, maybe Vida Blue (but he wasn't really blue...he was black). Or, it coulda' been that big negro guy with 6 fingers Alfonseca, but that was like cheating, so he don't count.

    And, he was Dominican, not American negro, so it doubly doesn't count.