Friday, April 16, 2010

Information Request

Russia has apparently suspended adoptions to the US.

I dont really care about that.

My concern is with whether this suspension includes mail order brides.   Because if it does, it looks like the future Mrs. Powers will probably have to be from Thailand.


  1. Trenton Powers-Mellencamp, do not despair!

    The Ukraine is still the "go to" place, and Russia don't own them, anymore. Yet. They're just like Russians, but you can still get one.

  2. That would be an option but I am particularly interested in a woman from overseas, and Canada isn't really "overseas"

  3. Oh, I'm sorry about it Trenton. I didn't know you were actually looking for a wife from outside of North America.

    I'm thinking Thailand would be your best bet on that. Or maybe Alaska.

  4. Thailand women are hot mostly because they're subserviant

  5. True. My barber is a Thailand woman (now American citizen, and proud of it). She cuts my hair just like I tell her to.

    I'd check into Thailand adoption stuff if I was looking for a wife. I don't think they've cut us off. Yet.