Saturday, April 10, 2010

I'm going to jump ahead of the pack and say what everyone else is thinking

Polands president was killed by the Russians.

Thats right.  It was a hit. 

Remember, I said it first.


  1. Do we know FOR SURE that he's really dead? This could be a faked up deal to let him get away with the billions he's been syphoning out of the Treasury, and go and live on an island somewhere and drink all day. Or Argentina, maybe.

  2. Okae...if you say so. I bet you are right about the Russhuns killing him and most of the goverment of the Polish peoples.

    If he REALLY is dead...which I know believe that he must be since you said it for sure.

    Is there gonna be some kind of rock concert to make money for poland goverment re-establishing relief soon? I figure you would now all about it.

  3. Probably no concert but this is all Bush's fault bwt for selling them those missiles.