Saturday, January 15, 2011

New in 2010!

With the new year upon us all it is again time to roll out some new features for my (Trenton Powers) main blog in 2010.

As you can tell from reading some post below, there is a new member of our team.   Because this blog has been (admitted) shamefully remissed in not being as inclusive to the ethnic and urban populations, I invited a new blogger to visit from time to time.  His name is Latrell X. You might notice that he is really edgy and hard core especially for a family blog like this one, but that is because Latrell X is black.  He is a professor (black) from the inner city and he brings lots of experience and knowledge about black issues.   So please keep an open, forward thinking mind when reading Latrell X's posts because he is black, after all.

Its all about urban outreach in 2010 here at Trenton Powers blog.  There is also more stuff coming (new) so be sure to read more.

Also for those who remember, our own Speng Musselman is still resting at home and should be back on his feet soon.  He thanks all of our readers for the positive energy sent his way.

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