Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Chad Everett

Re: recent suggestion that Chad Everett could replace Leslie Nielsen as Marcus Welby MD.


Chad Everett is dangerous.  He is a loose cannon.  Yes, it is easy to forgive and forget that Michael Vick once killed puppies.  Who hasn't?  Yes its wrong but wrong doesn't bring those puppies back.   But this is a different case.  Chad Everett beat up Jim Rome.   There is NO comparison.  

If you take "killing puppies" on one hand (metaphorically speaking) and "beating up Jim Rome" on the other hand, which one ways more?   Beating up Jim Rome.  Hands down.  There is no comparison and there should be no forgiveness for Chad Everett.

1 comment:

  1. Trenton, someone that beats up Jim Rome should receive a Heisman Trophy, a Nobel Peace Prize, or something.

    I would beat that dude senseless with a bat.