Monday, January 18, 2010

I'm writing a new book. Here's a teaser

Watching her emerge from the pool, I was transfixed by her awe inspiring beauty.  A body chiseled in granite by ancient gods.  Beads of water teased her bronzed breasts and traced enticing rivulets down legs built for high heels.  Her mahogany eyes pierced my soul, igniting a nuclear furnace in my heart.  From that moment, I made it my mission to one day stick my finger in her bunghole.

No release date yet.


  1. That's beautiful. Really snags at your hairs, and all. I bet Oprah will put you in her bookclub for selling it. I sure hope so. Good luk!

  2. It all looks rather boring except for the last sentence. Also, needs more cussing and les adjectives.

    But, what the Hell do I know? I am not writing a book.