Friday, January 15, 2010

Dallas Cowboys cheerleading squad: setting reasonable and prudent grooming standards for women everywhere

For over 100 years, the Dallas Cowboys cheerleading squad has set the standard for beauty and grace in the cut-throat NFL cheerleading marketplace.

They work long hours for months on end honing team chemistry and individual technique.

Every move is professionally choreographed.  Timing for highly  specialized dance moves is narrowed to split seconds.  Their precision easily the equal of the United States Marine Corps silent drill team.

Americas sweethearts.  Kind, gentle souls. Never lacking a smile for a crippled or handicap kid or veteran with his legs blown off in 'nam or whatever.

Lean.  Lithe.  Possessed of feline grace and unshakable moral pulchritude.  Keepers of a standard all but lost in contemporary American society.


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